Friday, July 17, 2009

Coffee & Crepes

315 Crossroad Blvd.
Cary, NC

Coffee and Crepes is in a not-so-attractive strip mall in the Crossroads Mall sprawl. (Wow, one of these days I'm going to start a review without asking you to please overlook how freaking ugly the outside is!) Inside, you order at the counter and take your tray to either indoor or outdoor seating.

Our crepes were ready quickly, even though it was lunchtime, and we had a nice choice of several savory crepes. They offer a mushroom and swiss crepe, a passable but underwhelming vegetarian options. The couscous side dish, which comes with the savory crepes, was dry and bland. Next time I'm getting a salad, the other side dish option. (And hey, even through the couscous wasn't great, I should mention how pleased I was that it didn't automatically come with fries!)

The chicken cordon bleu crepe was perfect, and did I mention the Nutella crepes? No? I can't fully describe the deliciousness of melty Nutella and chewy crepe and soft banana all together. One of my favorite foods, and if you haven't had it, Coffee & Crepes makes a great one to try!

Several years ago, when I lived in the UK, there was a crepe cart that often parked in the market by my college. It's main competitor was a chip van across the square, and since I was not too crazy about the roasts and puddings served in school, a large part of my diet was made up of fish and chips and Nutella-banana crepes. Although eating a Nutella crepe at a sidewalk table overlooking the parking lot isn't quite the same, they'll always remind me of Cambridge.

Coffee & Crepes on Urbanspoon

I would definitely go back for dessert crepes and coffee, or to try one of their $5 lunch crepes. And you know by "dessert crepes" I actually meant "Nutella banana crepes"!

(Their webpage, um, well, between the unreadable grey text on black background, the contact email, and the section 404s, it's awkward. Fortunately Urbanspoon has Coffee & Crepes' hours and menus available online.)

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    I just stumbled upon this blog looking up restaurants in Cary. I love your idea. The hubs and I are major food-a-holics and love to explore new eats. Just wanted to say, great idea for a blog.



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