Sunday, May 30, 2010

Amante Pizza Cary

Amante Pizza Cary Location
9545 Chapel Hill Road
Morrisville / Cary

The Boy and I got a doorhanger advert from Amante Pizza the other day. It said they delivered to our area with an $8 minimum order (this becomes important later), and had some tempting pictures. We were pretty excited because we're looking for a go-to pizza stop by our new place.

We looked up the menu online, and couldn't decide what to order. Everything looked so good! We finally picked a tomato-basil-mozzerella pizza and a specialty pizza, the Portabello. I was excited to see so many vegetarian options.

But our total seemed to be a bit higher that I was expecting. After first being informed that "there's tax on it" I found that there's also a delivery charge, that wasn't mentioned on the website or advertisement (or on the second advert that came with our pizza that night). I asked how I could find out that I'd be paying this fee, since it wasn't on the site or the menu, and I was told to wait a moment.

After being left on hold for a while, someone else (A manager? An unlucky employee? Not sure.) picked up and asked me how he could help me. We went through the whole story again, and I was told, again, that it's always been like that, since, like, a couple years now, since, like, gas became so expensive.

I asked where that was listed on the website. He didn't know. I asked how other customers found out about it. He didn't know that, either, but because it's been that way for, like, so long, that, like, everybody knows about it. I asked if it was listed somewhere on the doorhangers that are all over the complex, and he didn't know that, either.

Amante Gourmet Pizza on Urbanspoon But, on the other hand, I would have paid an upfront charge much higher than $1.50 (the Boy says he would have topped out at a $5 delivery fee). The food was great. Veggies were fresh and tasty, especially the auberine slices on the Portabello pizza. Pizza came with piles of non-greasy cheese.

We had friends over, and we all talked about how good the pizza was. Perhaps I was too quick to judge? I mean, we are in the market for a favorite pizza place, and the food really is great here. And, after all, I just made the assumption that news of a delivery fee should go with "$8.00 minimum order for delivery, limited delivery area" on the advert, or that there's some place on the website where I could find out about a delivery fee, or that the person taking my order would let me know before charging me.

As I was picking up after dinner, I happened see our receipt and notice that a large Portobello pizza, listed on the website for $16.99 actually cost $17.49. Again, fifty cents isn't a deal-breaker (We'd have been quite happy if this had been the menu price), but it made me feel scammed all over again.

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