Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Chocolate Bean

The Chocolate Bean
280 Meeting St
Cary, NC 27513

After my recent bad coffeeshop visit, I was relieved to return to The Chocolate Bean in Cary, NC. (There is also a Chocolate Bean in Fuquay-Varina.) The Chocolate Bean inspired me to make this icon with an extra-big smile.

Do not let their amateurish webpage fool you. What they don't know about competing fonts, color choices and scrolling text, they do know about chocolate, gelato and coffee.

The free wifi attracts caffeine-loving laptop workers. Stylish modern furniture, a flatscreen TV, and scattered magazines make a living room atmosphere, conducting to chatting, reading or just taking a break.

The Chocolate Bean on Urbanspoon

Don't miss the summery smoothies and iced coffees, especially all sorts of flavored frappes. The Chocolate Bean offers fruit smoothies, with just fruit, juice and ice, and or cream smoothies, with milk.

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