Thursday, May 7, 2009

Casa Margarita

107 Edinburgh South Dr
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 462-1420

Casa Margarita is in MacGregor Business Park, which is, like so much in Cary, a rather faceless development off a highway. About the best thing I can say about the complex is that there's plenty of parking!

The food at Casa Margarita was tasty, basic Mexican fare, at below-average prices. It's the usual combos of tacos, tamales, quesadillas and so forth. We had no complaints about anything we ordered here, but the only food that really stood out was the fresh guacamole.

We've visited several times because the food is fast and inexpensive, making it a perfect destination on a weeknight when I'm too tired or too busy to cook dinner. Our weeknight dinners are made even better by the nightly drink specials and rotating dinner specials! Dinner specials tend to be a touch more creative than the mainstays on the combo menu.

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There's a disclaimer on the menu, saying that Mexican food is best when prepared specially, and to please give their staff ample time to prepare your meal. Don't be concerned about the wait! Every time we've eaten there, our food has arrived very quickly.

The Boy and I don't have children, but this also strikes me as a very family-friendly dinner spot. Lots of kid-friendly dinner options, like cheese quesadillas, nachos, and so forth. And what child doesn't like tacos?

Overall, solid Mexican fare and drinks for an inexpensive meal out.

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