Saturday, March 21, 2009


329-A N. Harrison Ave.
Cary, NC 27511

I love Mediterranean food! Whether it is Greek, Lebanese, or Turkish, Mediterranean food just makes my belly happy. So, I ate at the Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant Bosphorus knowing that I was going to have a great meal.

Bosphorus is unimpressive at first glance. Upon entering, we were met by a small strip mall diner with white paper tablecloths and posters of Turkey covering the walls that gave the restaurant the air of a tourist agency.

Bosphorus on UrbanspoonHowever, Bosphorus has it where it counts--their food is amazing and their staff is friendly and helpful. All of their food is described so well in the menu that it welcomes even a newcomer to Turkish cuisine. We decided upon the Bosphorus Meze Platter, a delicious mixture of cold Mediterranean appetizers; cigar bourek, feta cheese rolled in filo dough and fried; and chicken pide, a Turkish canoe-shaped pizza with chicken. The Girl and I had never eaten cigar bourek nor pide, but were soon wondering how we had lived this long without them.

After diner we shared an order of baklava and I had a cup of Turkish coffee. I left Bosphorus with only one complaint--that my stomach was too small to sample more of their menu. We will definitely eat at Bosphorus again. If you've never had Turkish cuisine and you'd like to try something new, Bosphorus is the place to go. If you love Turkish food, you will love Bosphorus.


  1. I agree completely--fantastic food! Bosphorus is one of our favorite places:D

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  3. we've eaten there a few times since, always been good!


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