Sunday, April 12, 2009

Los Tres Magueyes

Los Tres Magueyes
110 SW Maynard Rd.
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 460-8757

I see eating out as an event. We must eat to survive, but we eat out because it is entertaining. Los Tres Magueyes seems to agree with me, because they have made dining into an entertaining experience.

The Girl and I were greeted by bright colors, Mexican music, and a warm hola from our server, Arturo. Mexican restaurants often attempt to create an authentic Mexican ambiance only to come off as campy recreations of Epcot Center's Mexico Pavilion. But, Los Tres Magueyes feels different. The restaurant is a joy to every sense, a wash of colors, soothing steel string guitar music, and the aroma of wonderful Mexican food. However, it is a friendly environment for t-shirts and jeans or for families with children.

Los Tres Magueyes on UrbanspoonThe menu selection is standard fare Mexican: burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc. in various combinations. Match any of the combinations with a margarita, and The Boy and The Girl are content.

Los Tres Magueyes' appeal is in presentation. Something about the colors, the music, and the friendly waiter who greeted us with an hola and referred to me as amigo made for an enjoyable experience. Their ability to entertain without seeming cheesy, while offering generous portions left me feeling well fed and happy (although the margaritas may have helped with the happiness).

I will definitely eat at Los Tres Magueyes again. I know I can eat some tamales, drink a few margaritas, and make some new amigos.

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