Monday, August 16, 2010

Martin's Curry Rice

9549 Chapel Hill Road
Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 349-2363

We checked out Martin's Curry Rice the other day. This is a brand-new restaurant on the edge of Cary / Morrisville, specializing in -- guess what -- curry and rice!

You design your own curry from a buffet of cold ingredients, including chicken, tofu, fish, mushrooms, chickpeas and veggies. There's no limit to the ingredients, so if you're planning on a chickpea and mushroom curry, but then you decide to try some chicken and broccoli too, that's fine.

Martin's Curry Rice on Urbanspoon There are three levels of curry, a sweet, a mild, and a hot. The mild is a great cilantro-y green curry, but it is quite mild, I'll probably try the hot next time. (Usually a hot curry in a place that specializing in curries is just too much for me) Custom curries come with rice and a salad side dish.

One side dish was amazing chunks of seed-free cucumbers and tomato in the cool cilantro yogurt. We called this Raita on Steroids since "yogurt salsa" didn't do it justice. The curry was delicious, but it's the killer raita that will bring us back.

The location is brand new, and the set-up and decor reminded me so much of Chinese fast-food, cafeteria style dining. The owner later said he was inspired by Japanese curry shops when designing his place.

Great food, not expensive and a lot of options, including vegetarian options. We'll definitely be back to try the dinner tapas.

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