Monday, August 9, 2010

Jitters Coffee

920 Kildaire Farm Rd
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 468-5454

Since the sad end of the Chocolate Bean, I've been looking for a new Cary coffee stop. I am a fan of the Maynard Street Caribou, but so is everyone else, and the lines are usually too long to make it a practical stop.

When we lived in Amherst, there was an indie drive-up coffee hut... the name has slipped my mind because the rainbow-painted coffee hut on Route 9 was such a landmark that no name is needed. Jitters is a similar small coffee and tea hut in the Food Lion / Unaabi Grill / Los Tres Magueyes parking lot.

Jitters gets all the basics right: Staff say good morning without that scary, crazed I-have-to-smile-or-I-get-fired expession. (We're looking at you, Walnut Street Starbucks.) When I ask for no whipped cream, I don't get whipped cream in my coffee. Coffee is served quickly. Everything is clean.

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And Jitters gets the extras right, too. It's no secret that I love coffee drinks. I tried their minty Valentine's special, and I'm currently drinking a St. Pat's Nutty Irish. Both are delicious in the way that makes it hard to remember that coffeedrinks are supposed to be a special treat for me, not an every day stop. Jitters also advertises a bunch of flavorshots, black cherry for example, for other fans of coffee drinks. The Boy is more of a plain latte drinker, and he really enjoyed Jitters' latte.

Jitters might not have the wild rainbow paint job of the Route 9 stop, but it has it's own personality, with a painted coffee-drinking kokopelli on the side, and coffee-loving slogans, stickers and poems all around the Jitters hut. Coupons say Get the Jitters and feel great!

We love getting the Jitters, and we want you to know about them... but please don't tell anyone else, ok? The wait has been very short, and we want to keep it that way!

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